I have produced several audio products so you can hear me wherever you are - perfect for keeping the family entertained on those car journeys!

 Triple CD

'Mike Craig's ABC of Comedy'

(PLEASE NOTE this is the same as previously offered on double tape)

Recorded in front of this audience on board P&O’s much loved and remembered ship ‘ss Canberra’. You can be part of my floating audience as I go through my ‘Alphabet of Comedy’ talking about Marriage, Children, Funerals and Health and timeless memories of Albert Modley, Norman Evans, Jimmy James, Tom Mennard, Al Read, Robb Wilton and many more - all taken from my ‘ABC of Comedy’ morning sessions on board ‘Canberra’ and performed to the best floating audience in the world - somewhere at sea!!














'You can always tell a Yorkshireman...'

Hundreds of people have pestered me to record a CD, so, here it is.








CONTENTS . . . . recorded on land and sea


1. Introduction by Reg Vinnicombe (Spinster of this Parish and a Yorkshireman!)

2. Posh Do - Tribute to Reg - Batley - The Wireless - Funny Lines

3. Grandma - Co-op Numbers - The Corner Shop

4. Hertfordshire - well, Bishop’s Stortford - Actually

5. Drunks!

6. Funerals... and a phone call!


7. Surrey! (This carries a Government Health Warning for listeners South of Watford!)

8. As long as you’ve got your health!

9. ‘If you’re ever in Barnsley - come and see us!’


10. So it’s Goodnight from me - and Goodnight from Albert!